Monday, February 24, 2014

The New Year...

...has begun and are on its way. And fast. It is soon the end of February and all the Holidays are over and out. The snow that makes our days brighter has come and melted, a several times. Now most of us are looking forward to the spring time. Sunshine, birds, flowers and some rain. Even I.

I really need some sunshine and bird song, the winter season makes me gloomy and down. The darkness we have now does not help at all. And all the "must" and "need to do" are just getting bigger and more. But that is OK, I can do it when ever I want to - one thing at a time. And one day at a time. No rush, no hurry.

The girls had the winter vacation last week and they have their first day at school today. It was hard for us all to get up early - it was so dark and we were so tired. But I can just hope that we get some energy later in the week, so that it will be easier to get up. 

This week will be as usual. School for the girls, work for the hubby, studies for me. And later today it is the youngest girl's theatre school. I shall do some grocery shopping during that time. 

Hope that your 2014 begun great. Hope you have a blessed day.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I wish you a Happy New Year, filled with
love, health and joy!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Claus is coming to town.....

Christmas decorations here at home and a picture from church
You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I'm telling you why.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

Well, you better not pout or cry. Or stress and run around, you may loose your head. That is some kind a feeling I almost have every time it is time for Christmas. So much to prepare, so little time. And the calm Autumn that I looked forward to is long gone and it sure was not calm at all. I feel like I am having my shoulders for ear rings. 

Well, how ever it is, Christmas and Santa Claus is on the way, even if you are not prepared. Christmas will come even if you have not decorated the tree, dusted the decorations and sent the cards. It will not wait for you to be ready. And if it would, I know that then the Christmas holidays would never arrive. I think that it is important to think what really matters. Love, the children and family. Some good food and just the holiday spirit and you are done. 

I have taken it easy this time, a little bit every day and amazingly most of the christmas decorations are done. I just have the food left, but that I will take later. Even most of the cards are done, ready for the post office. 

The Holidays should not be about stress and how much you can do, it should be all about the reason for the season. So, breathe and feel the joy.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn is here

The time has gone by fast since we came home from the cottage. I thought that it would be some weeks of calm time with not so much to do, so that I could take it a little bit easier. But, wrong thought. We all have been busy with new things that start when it comes to the girl's school, my studies and my hubby's work. But now all things are slowly falling into their own places and life can go on.

Autumn is here with its bright colors. It has been rather warm for the season, but some weeks ago it was more then cold. We got some snow but luckily it did not stay more than one night. I am glad about that, because I am not ready for snow. Today has been a very sunny and crispy day. That is the best with Autumn - the colors, the sun and the crispiness. 

I had my birthday about 2 weeks ago. We took it easy, ate some good food and I got an angel to my Willow Tree collection. And next week is the girl's Autumn vacation. One week free time to just be and enjoy the season. We are going to visit mother-in-law and maybe even see how things are at the cottage. I hope for nice weather, because I would love to take some walks and enjoy the seaside. 

Hope that you are enjoying your time. Have a marvelous weekend! Blessings. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Woody Allen and his movies

For not so long ago my hubby asked me if I wanted to watch some Woody Allen-movies with him. He thought that Allen-movies would be something for me. The movies where my kind of movies. I told him that I really did not want to see and did not feel that those movies where my kind of movies. This discussion went on for a while and finally he got his wish through. I thought that I could see one movie and after that just let him know that I was right.

This soon to be 78-years old man, Woody Allen, just makes a lot of movies and we have a big treasure to pick from and I just got the feeling that his movies would be anguished and neurotic as I feel that he is. I do not know if this is a good or bad thing. But one thing I know - after watching my first Woody Allen-movie I felt good. And when it comes to the things that I see are similar in many Woody Allen-movies - a nervous person, love trouble, a lot of misunderstandings and little walk about near a river or some other water - I just hope that someday I see that he has done something else with it.

The first movie I saw was "You will meet a tall dark stranger", a nice and warm movie about two couples and their life, dreams, hopes and fears that get them in trouble. The next one was "To Rome with Love", where the most funny part was Leopoldo, an ordinary man who turns to a celebrity.  "Midnight in Paris" is my favorite, a romantic fantasy movie that really tickles your imagination. After this one, even with some Oscars on their lap, the movies "Manhattan" and "Annie Hall" seem so dry. Last one is the movie "Bananas", a funny comedy that made me laugh almost the whole time. A funny part is when he got out of the car and fell in to a little well in the street. So stupid, but so funny.

Well, I have to say some words about the latest Woody Allen-movie, "Blue Jasmine", too. We saw it at the cinema and it is about a woman, Jasmine, who has a life crisis and she tries her best to make her life as good as it was before the crisis. Jasmine visits her sister and I think that I do not need to say more than it does not turn our well. Cate Blanchett makes a wonderful interpretation of Jasmine - all sweaty, crying, nervous, neurotic and totally needy of her rich life. It is amazing and if she does not get a Oscar for this, then I do not know what is wrong.

And one more thing. My hubby knows me. He is right, once again. Woody Allen-movies are something for me.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

So, back at home again...

Sitting in our kitchen and listening to some music on Spotify, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The sun is shining outdoors and the girls have a friend over, during the day. It is soon time to make some dinner and the first week at home has gone by fast. The girls started school and everything have went well, so far. The younger one is still at the same school as before summer vacation. She will be there her last year, the sixth grade and will be moved next year. The older one has a new school and some new class mates. She thinks that it works just fine. And I can not believe that time has gone by so fast.

Summer is over and soon we have a new season here, Autumn. It is just around the corner. I will start my studies in September, later than the first day, 2nd September. I will study Luther and his theology. I have always been interested in Luther as a person and his thoughts. He made big changes in the church and even history, so it will be interesting to dig deeper in this. And I am still waiting for the teacher to send me a date for a thesis seminar and some thoughts about the thesis that I sent him. And the thesis before that, sent to him in late March, I have not even got any grade on. It can be a little bit frustrating. But I know that I can complain to a higher level at the school. The teachers have around 15 days for shorter thesis and 28 days for bigger thesis. And during that time they should read, comment and grade. We have passed that date since a long time ago.

And soon it is time for hockey. AHL, KHL, NHL and even the Swedish version of elite hockey, SHL. Last season was a little bit off, with everything crazy going on with the lockout and so. But this season, I hope for a good and exiting time.

Well, time to go back to my stamps in the living room. Have a lovely day! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time goes by fast....

...when you have fun! There is not so much time left when it comes to the summer vacation and soon it is time for the kids to start their school again. The older one will start seventh grade and the younger one the sixth grade. The girls are big and I can not understand where the time has gone.

Last week the girls had a friend visiting us at the cottage. A long summer can be very long for good friends, so we parents did our best to make this happen, so that they could meet! The friend's mother and boyfriend drove her to our cottage and she stayed for three days. Then my hubby, on his way home to Nora and work for a couple of days, drove her home. We had a nice time with her and the girls had fun shopping, sightseeing and enjoying their time together. We went to the Naval Museum, Wämöpark and even a place called Glassiären, where they make their own ice cream and cone. It was yummy, but it felt like a big lunch - so much ice cream!

The weather over here has been hot and humid. No sign of rain or thunder. We got some raindrops yesterday but because it is hot, it does not give any cooling. It would be nice with some more rain, a thunderstorm and maybe a soft wind too. I drink a lot of water to keep myself cool and stay in the shade.

For some weeks ago we woke up to a normal and calm day at the cottage. I had plans to do some gardening and just enjoy the life there. My hubby started to feel strange in the late morning and said that everything around him is like a merry-go-round. He just wanted to close his eyes because it felt to difficult to keep the eyes open. And then even the bad nausea came. He went out doors to see if that helped, but no. He fell on the grass and just felt awful. And looked very sick, so I called an ambulance. They came very fast, as a priority one call and took him to the hospital. He stayed there for two days and had an another check up on the third day. The doctors made a total check up, scans and all. They first suspected a thrombus/embolism or some kind of infection on the balance nerve in the ear. But they did not find a thing. Just high blood pressure. Even that can do scary things. He goes on medication now and will have a check up later in August. It was a bit scary and I am more used to that it is me who needs help, he has been like a superman, never sick, more than a flu or so.

I have still not heard a word from my teacher about my thesis that I sent to him. The literature study he has read and said it was ok, but I have not received any grades. Well, I may wait a while and see what happens, then I need to see what rights I have and what obligations he has, as a teacher.

Well, it is Sunday over here and I wish you a blessed day. Enjoy the summer!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life at the cottage

We are at the cottage now and have been here for some days now, after visiting my mother-in-law while my husband was working. Most of the days has gone to packing up and gardening.

The gardening part has been a little slow just because of the small machines that I need does not work. I have changed the oil, I have put in some more gasoline but they do not start. The worst is the lawnmower - a nightmare every summer. The animal in the forest, mostly the rodent, have a thing for plastic and gasoline. They have been biting on all those parts that are needed for the lawnmower to work. So I gave up and are planning to buy a lawnmower without any need for oil or gasoline, a one that just works when I walk and push it. 

The weather has been mostly of and on, sun and rain, warm and cold. Now there is some kind of mix going on. Typical June weather here in Sweden. Hope for some warmer days in July. I have been taking some baths in the lake nearby, but that water was cold.

Some days ago we took a train trip to Denmark and the amusing park Tivoli. The kids and I had never been there but my hubby had, but it was several years ago. The girls got something called "turpass" and with that wrapped around their wrist they could have a lot of fun at the amusing park and enjoy the carousels. We are there and did some shopping too, at the Build a Bear. The trip home was not the best because there was a part of it we needed to change to a bus and then back to a train. Not so fun for two tired kids. But we came home to mother-in-law in the middle of night and could sleep well on her living room floor. 

Now the kids are at their friends place and they slept over. We are going to pick them up later this afternoon. Most of the time we will be at the cottage, with some smaller trips and then stay at my mother-in-law when my hubby is at work.

Enjoy your summer!

Monday, June 24, 2013


I am sitting here in my mother-in-law's living room, on the floor and enjoying my summer vacation. I have done the thesis and sent it to the teacher, for about 2 weeks ago and then I have sent the essay before that to the teacher in late March. It felt good, but at the same time a bit nervous. A strange thing though, is that I have not heard a thing from the teacher since we spoke on the phone in the middle of March. Nothing at all, not even the information he promised me when it comes to the size of the thesis. So I had really no clue how many pages or words. I have tried to contact him, but with no result. And I am still waiting.

The girls had their last day at school on 12th June and it was a sunny and nice day. They will start school in later August. 

The first days of our vacation we spent at our cottage, doing some gardening and after that we have been at mother-in-law's place, celebrating Mid Summer's Eve. We have plans to take the train tomorrow to Denmark. That would be nice to just enjoy a little trip after all the studies and the dark winter and cold spring. Just enjoy the free time with the family. Looking forward to that.

Later this week we will return to the cottage and just be there. The girls will have a sleep over at a friends place during the weekend. That will be fun for them.

Soon it is time to just relax and enjoy the evening and watch a James Bond 007 movie on the TV. Have a wonderful summer!

The girls on their last day at school!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Script, Hall of Fame, ft

Never ever give up your dream!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


As you probably know, my mother is at a home for ladies with dementia and who have had stroke. She is well taken care of and can enjoy her day with happenings, food, music and she even has her own TV in her room. The nurses cook the food and a doctor is not far away if something happens. I am not worried at all when it comes to her, but when it comes to my father...

...I really do not know what to do. He is started to get a little bit unfocused and does not remember all as he usually did. He is the youngest one among the oldest relatives and he has been in and out the hospital during the latest months for dizziness, strange seeing, pains in the chest and almost vomiting (as he calls it). The doctors have said that he should start to relax more and not be so stressed out over things that really does not matter. As I have been saying to him too. And the latest doctor said that he should not sit so long at his wife side at the home, that can be stressful. The doctor found out that my father has high blood pressure. He has medication for this and have even been ordained to visit a nurse for physiotherapy because of the pains he has in his shoulders and legs. This is probably something he got from the time when he worked, now he is a pensioner. 

It would be so nice if he just could stop for a while, smell the roses and go to a theatre and see a play, or something. I took him with the kids to an amusing park last summer and he just watched the clock the whole time. Is there time to do this and that, go here and there. I told him that this is what we do today. Just you, me and the kids and this amusing park and some food. Then we go home, have some coffee and relax. It was hard for him. But I think that this is what he needs.

I just hope that he can see it himself, before it is too late.....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life as a lesson

I found this on Facebook, it was shared among the friends I have and I thought I could share it with you - for fun and even for learning. It is written by a person who is 90 years, it is said. It is never to late and I know that I have some things of these 42 that I should work on a little bit more. So, enjoy your reading.

"42 things I learned in life"

1. Life is not fair but it's still good.
2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.
3. Life is too short, enjoy it.
4. Your job will not take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will do it.
5. Pay off your credit card debt each month.

6. You do not have to win every argument. Remain true to yourself.
7. Weep with someone, it's more healing than crying alone.
8. Start saving for your retirement when you get your first paycheck.
9. As for chocolate, so it is stupid to try to resist.
10. Make peace with your past so it does not destroy your future.

11. It's okay that your children see you cry. 
12. Do not compare your life with others. You have no idea what their life's journey is all about.
13. If a relationship has to be a secret, you should not be a part of it.
14. Take a deep breath, it gets your mind to relax.
15. Get rid of anything that you do not use. Unnecessary material possessions weigh you down in many ways.

16. Anything that does not kill you makes you stronger.
17. It is never too late to be happy but it is up to you, nobody else.
18. When it comes to chasing what you love in life, never accept a no.
19. Light the nice candles, use your finest sheets, wear your finest lingerie. Do not save them for a special occasion. Every day is special.
20. Prepare for a lot of things. Then follow the stream.

21. Be eccentric now. Do not wait until you are old enough to wear purple.
22. The most important sex organ is the brain.
23. Only you control your happiness.
24. Set the music to every so-called drama in your life with these words, "Does this really matter in 5 years?".
25. Always choose life.

26. Always say sorry, but never forget.
27. What others think about you, you have nothing to do with.
28. Time heals almost all wounds. Give time the time to do it.
29. How good or bad a situation is, it will change.
30. Do not take yourself too seriously. No one else does.

31. Believe in miracles.
32. Reviewing is not living. Simply make the best of it right now.
33. Getting old beats the alternative - dying young.
34. Your children get only one childhood.
35. The only thing that really matters in the end, is that you loved.

36. Make sure to be outdoors every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.
37. If we threw all our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's problems, we would quickly take our own back.
38. Envy is a waste of time. Accept what you already have, not what you need.
39. The best things in life have not happened to you yet.
40. Regardless of how you feel - Dress up and show up.

41. Harvest.
42. Life does not have a bow around it, but it's still a gift.

I should put a little extra time for number 30 and 40. Remember my mother in law's words once, when she asked me to get ready, dress up and go, even if I felt sluggish. Will be much better then. There is enough truth in those words. And 10. No need to dwell on the past. Learn from what happened, proceed with that lesson of life. But most important of all.

You can only do your best!