Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life at the cottage

We are at the cottage now and have been here for some days now, after visiting my mother-in-law while my husband was working. Most of the days has gone to packing up and gardening.

The gardening part has been a little slow just because of the small machines that I need does not work. I have changed the oil, I have put in some more gasoline but they do not start. The worst is the lawnmower - a nightmare every summer. The animal in the forest, mostly the rodent, have a thing for plastic and gasoline. They have been biting on all those parts that are needed for the lawnmower to work. So I gave up and are planning to buy a lawnmower without any need for oil or gasoline, a one that just works when I walk and push it. 

The weather has been mostly of and on, sun and rain, warm and cold. Now there is some kind of mix going on. Typical June weather here in Sweden. Hope for some warmer days in July. I have been taking some baths in the lake nearby, but that water was cold.

Some days ago we took a train trip to Denmark and the amusing park Tivoli. The kids and I had never been there but my hubby had, but it was several years ago. The girls got something called "turpass" and with that wrapped around their wrist they could have a lot of fun at the amusing park and enjoy the carousels. We are there and did some shopping too, at the Build a Bear. The trip home was not the best because there was a part of it we needed to change to a bus and then back to a train. Not so fun for two tired kids. But we came home to mother-in-law in the middle of night and could sleep well on her living room floor. 

Now the kids are at their friends place and they slept over. We are going to pick them up later this afternoon. Most of the time we will be at the cottage, with some smaller trips and then stay at my mother-in-law when my hubby is at work.

Enjoy your summer!

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