Monday, February 11, 2013

Open 24/7

That a store or a shop are open for you 24/7 is a good thing. Several people work for you and are there for you when ever you need their help. You can not complain and it is a good feeling to find a store like that. 

But can a human being like you and me be open for 24/7? Lately I have had the feeling that some people expect you to be open for 24/7 and that it is your obligation to be there when ever they need you. I have no problems with being there for others, to help and support...but if it all the time, phone calls when ever and that you even do not have the opportunity to say no. 

My dad can phone me for all kinds of reasons and ask for my help. If I do not answer he can phone me until I do or stop when I have phoned back. He can not understand that I can not always answer - I have the family, studies, work things and I need to sleep too. I tried to explain this to him - it takes time, money and energy to help him and as he knows, there are people working with this and these can help him better than I can. They know about my mother's dementia, stroke, what she needs and how to fill in the papers. I know my mother personally but I can not help with the things concerning her health. These people are there for him, always.

My dad has tried to understand but it ends in the same talk anyway. He does not have the peace in himself to listen what his grandkids are doing and what happens over here. He usually just says: "Well, well, nice - but your mother's pants are gone, again." And I say: "The pants are probably in the washing machine at the accommodation." Nothing unusual about that. 

I am not harsch or cold, but sometimes I need to say "No, this is enough" but I know that when the next call comes I will end up on the phone line, making his calls, helping him. I just hope I do not end up as a wet spot on the floor. I just know that the things I need to do suffers...

Have a lovely week. 
Hugs, Niina

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