Monday, February 18, 2013


It says it all. Monday.

Head ache. 
Stiff jaw.
No energy.

I had plans to wake up early this morning and search for some information to my master thesis, but I was so tired so I just slept and slept. I am thankful that the girls have their winter vacation now and there was no hurry in the morning. I think that I needed it. Needed the rest. But I know that sleeping to much in the morning gives me a head ache. Were the stiff jaw and no energy comes from, I do not know. Stress?

But it makes my Monday. I have been taking it easy and just been wondering a little about the thesis. That is work and preparation too. I remember one essay that I did some years ago about the first jew that came to Sweden. I had no ideas for a very long time, I wrote something and my hubby read it and said that I should re-do it. Angry and frustrated I just let it be for a while. One morning, just some days before it was time to send it to the teacher, I got an idea and wrote it in two hours. Well, this will not happen this time and I will need some more hours, but there is hope. 

There is always hope.

And one funny thing - I am born on a Monday.

Have a good new week. Hugs, Niina

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