Friday, January 18, 2013

Gray hair?

I have been alone this week with the kids while my hubby took a week of from work to visit his mother. During this week I had planned to do some studies and clean out the Christmas things. Nothing really went as planned. This week have given me gray hair and I feel a bit stressed over the things needed to be done. I want so much, but in some way I do not have the energy to start. My studies have mostly taken the fall in this and I know that I need to work my butt off now. But at the same time we have not got any directions from the teachers so I feel a bit off because of that. No dates when to send the essays to the teachers or how the next part in the course will look like. And days just pass by...

...very fast. On Monday it is time for the big assignment. In 5-6 months I need to write about something interesting and moving in the subject Religion in Peace and Conflict. And I have locked myself and my thoughts. I do not know what to write about and the two smaller assignments before this need to be done first. So....

...I feel that I am in big trouble. I need to get my act together and produce something good. Or I will end up in a corner producing some stress highlights!

Have a great weekend and take care!
Hugs, Niina

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